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it's been a while
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I haven't posted in some time. Mostly, due to the fact that my writing is taking up my computer time. My new WIP, Intaker, is almost finished. And by finished I mean first draft, so the word done is still a few months away.

I've been invited to join a fantasti crit. group, lead by an amazing author. She has helped me bring this book miles from where I started. I am eternally grateful to have her in my life and thank Mindy for making it happen, thank you Mindy!!

My son is ready for school to start...like today! He's bouncing off the walls, while mommy has to work at her desk. I have serious mommy guilt about it, so I enrolled him in pre-school for the summer, "ahem" that made mommy a little sad but baby boy is thrilled, so mommy will be gettin over herself real quick!

Big girl is doing great, f-cats are done, thank goodness we all survived the melt downs and high tension filled days, now we're smooh sailin' and ready for warm beach weather!

We're still in So.Fl. I wasn't sureit would last this long, but we've adjusted and love the beach so another year will be fine. But I miss my friends in Cali a whole lot!!

Well, that's about it, I have to run and pick up my big girl and do a drive thru for taco Tuesday, then it's spending time with my family before my big day with the group tomorrow, can't wait to find out what needs to be changed and what can stay put!!

More later...


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So glad you're enjoying writing and have found a great group :)

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