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researching with a major question
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I've been doing a lot of internet searches involving angles, life on earth and of course the afterlife. What I read so far has me thinking that most Jews, do not truly believe there is an afterlife. A deeply rooted Christen belief, that there is a Heaven and life will continue after our bodies pass. In the Jewish faith I read that they live to serve G-d or Yahweh here on earth through a contract. Not sure how that works, also I was shocked to find out that many Jews, believe in "gilgul neshamot" ie. reincarnation. I can't explain why I find this shocking but I do. I have to admit I am fascinated by idea of past lives and the soul being reused in another body, to be reborn. I my new novel,Margaret, reincarnation was the premise for my original ending. I pulled away from the idea because I didn't think it was universal enough, but now after reading this I am reconsidering my ending again.

I know this is a touchy subject, but I would really love to hear what you believe will happen to us when we die? (you can be brief or as colorful as you want)

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I definitely believe in a life after this one. I think reincarnation is possible, but I don't know if I believe it happens to everyone...karma seems pretty likely to me, I guess. I do believe that eventually, there will only be one life, and that every soul who ever lived will enjoy it together. Hope this helps :)

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