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The close of the year is almost upon me and I feel the pull to start something new. I'm currently working on two new books, and I moved across the United States only a year ago, so the something new has to be different then last years something new...hmmm.

I really think my something new should be a new, or two groups. I have a crit. group right now. My current group meets once a month, I LOVE it so much but I feel maybe a few more would be great too.
It's hard to find a good group and right now I feel so blessed with the one I attend. I think I'll start combing through the blue boards. At the suggestion of a friend, an on-line group may be the right fit for me right now.

It's hard for me to get out as much with baby boy still no in school. Next, year however, free time for mama!! Pre-school will be the best medicine for my work! Sorry son, mama's needing a break!

Ok, so the search in on. I'm going to find one or two new groups before the new year! I'm super excited about this idea...


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