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The heat here in West Palm is finally subsiding a bit and so that means *sighs with heavy regrett* I'll be getting back to the whole walking and exercise thing outside of the gym. I can't see spending the money and gas to go to the gym when walking is far better: for me, my bank account and the environment. Oh, well it was fun while it lasted. I know my son will be excited he loves when we go for walks. Yeah, I can see why. He gets to sit under the shade of his jogging stroller and eat cereal while mommy sweats her behind off.

I could use a little behind off at the moment so it will be worth the effort.

On the writing side of my life, I've done pretty well with the new novel. I'm at that terrible middle stage, where it seems to sag and drag. The other day I wanted to give up and toss the whole mess. This first draft is probably my worst ever, it is going to need a major overhaul when I'm done, I can just feel it. There are days when I want to quit with it and start something new but I know it will passI just need to stick with it. There are days where I can't seem to write more than a sentence or two.

This morning however I wrote another 1,700 words in less than two hours (minus the interruptions of from my three-year-old, juice boxes and a peanut butter sandwich)
But I was encouraged by te progress and hope it wasn't a fluke.


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